Our commitments

Empowerment, inclusion and sustainability are at the heart of Banijay Group’s business model

Banijay Group uses high ESG standards. Our Group is committed to being a reference in all its markets and activities. We believe that social and societal performances are linked, and all subjects are tackled without taboo, be that gender, equality, disability, inclusion, well-being at work and a commitment to solidarity. Therefore, we have introduced numerous ESG initiatives and actions focused on respect, integrity and responsibility. 

We strongly believe in being a global engaged employer and company

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Empowering talent

The Group’s ethics is to be a powerhouse of the best talent. We are structured to empower people and enhance creativity. We have the conviction we can only create value over the long-run by aligning our performance in the view of people. As an entrepreneur, Banijay Group runs a bold and visionary approach. 

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

If talent is key at Banijay Group, so is working together. We are creative people, united in ambition and diverse in thinking. We want to pave the way for a more inclusive world.
All areas of CSR are spearheaded by the executive team in collaboration with Human Ressources and corporate communications who drive vast global education initiatives every year. 


Banijay Group acts to reduce its carbon footprint and overall impact on environment. Our environmental awareness is global. It comes from our various stakeholders: employees, candidates, customers, business partners, etc. Our action is based on five pillars: reducing our carbon footprint, recycling and reducing our waste, improving the environmental performance of our buildings, and encouraging eco-mobility of our employees.

Quality of Life at Work

Our organization relies on experienced people with a solid entrepreneurial culture, while acting in favor of employees’ well-being. In addition, we have developed numerous initiatives to guarantee our team members’ commitment and cohesion as well as happiness at work and focusing on retaining employees. Training online or onsite are also organized all along the year to reinforce skills.

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Customer satisfaction

In B2B as in B2C, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our commitment. It is the foundation of our image as a group and as brands (Banijay Entertainment, Banijay Live and Banijay Gaming). Customer satisfaction within Banijay Group is measured daily thanks to key indicators such as TV broadcasting recommendations, use of FAQs by consumers, feedback from our customer service department, the reactivity of our teams in case of problems to be solved… 

Banijay Entertainment & Banijay Live: Content Production, Distribution & Live Experience specific commitment

Talent & Creativity

Talent is key to the success of the Content production, distribution and live experience business. As such, its main objective is to develop and retain talented and committed employees and to encourage their creativity. As a responsible employer, building trusting relationships with all our talent is fundamental. Finally, we want our employees to be well trained, prepared and engaged, so that we can continuously improve their experience.

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Diversity & Inclusion

The Content production, distribution and live experience is committed to providing responsible content at all levels, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, on and off screen. In 2021, it mapped all of its activities, in terms of diversity and inclusion, for improvement. As part of this, it has established its first dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Council, which has been expanded in 2023, to ensure that practices and initiatives around the world are effective.

Intellectual Property (IP)

“The creation, protection and circulation of content production and distribution IP is essential.” This phrase is the basis of the business’ IP policies and is part of the Group’s DNA. All production companies are subject to these IP policies, which aim to preserve their rights. In our case, it also strengthens our position as market leader thanks to our presence in 23 countries and our strong distribution network. 

Environmental responsibility

Respect for the planet is integrated into many of our television programs, such as Thin Ice, Surviving the Wilderness, Shop Well for the Planet, My Recycled Home, Eat. We have also implemented “green protocols” in many formats, such as MasterChef and BigBrother.

Banijay Gaming : online sports betting & gaming specific commitment

Responsible gaming

The Group’s mission is to be the first player to make sports betting entertaining, while limiting the risks for players. To achieve this, we have defined 4 pillars of commitment: informing and raising awareness among players, prevention through the implementation of gaming limits, detecting risky behavior thanks to our proprietary algorithm (with AI), and accompanying players on a safe trajectory. 100 people have dedicated to prevent excessive and underage gaming. 

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Data protection

Given its specificity, the online sports betting & gaming business has placed particular emphasis on preventing the risks associated with the inappropriate disclosure, loss or modification of its customers’ and employees’ personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Sensitive data includes players’ proof of address, bank details, etc.

Regulated markets

The Online sports betting & gaming activity is mainly conducted in regulated markets (99% of revenue). For this, we have national licenses in our main countries of operation in Europe, such as:

  • Sports betting, poker and horse racing in France.
  • Sports betting and casino in Portugal.
  • Sports betting in Poland.
  • Sports betting and casino in Italy.

We also have licenses for sports betting in Ivory Coast and other African countries.